Lilith watches the man dig graves for a month of Sundays before he ever says anything to her, but it’s not as though they’re strangers. Forest Stark knows that she’s there, following him around the yard with her bag of plums. He hears her behind him as the autumn leaves crack beneath her tiny feet. […]

more than life

I am not feeling funny today, which is not like me. It is probably kind of like Jemaine Clements not feeling sexy. I have no reason to be in a foul mood. Nothing particular even happened. It just seems that for every long stretch of senseless glee, I then somehow owe back. I don’t remember conceding […]

the cast

In the movie of my life, I like to think of divinity as the director. Then I like to take things a step further, and give my particular director the personage of Sofia Coppola à la Lost in Translation. If my saying this sounds too “tell me all your thoughts on God, cause I’d really like to meet her”, then allow […]

off-ramp, fifteen

Taking the off-ramp from highway nine, Sunny gives me a bloody nose, smashes the windshield with his fist, and completes the two hundred and ninety degree turn in one full swoop. We fight about motion, and my feeling that we’re not getting enough of it. It’s a long-standing issue, standing so long one would think […]

the professor

This morning the Professor and I broke up. Again. This is impressive, because I have known the Professor only three weeks and we have been out on fewer than four dates (and that’s only if you count my being in his bed as a”date”) and we have never even discussed a relationship aside from that […]