I have a confession to make. Remember how last night you called, and I told you I was sick, and you offered to bring Indian food? Remember how I said no? Well, I wasn’t really that sick. And I ordered the Indian food anyway. And 30 minutes later when I went to pick it up, […]

tin can sex years

I am seventeen and am informally adopted by a German geologist. He relocates “the family” to Perth, Western Australia. I fall madly in love with a younger but older boy who is a high school dropout and does nothing all day but smoke pot and practice handstands. His name, perfectly, is Caleb. Caleb does not […]


Every now and then, out of the clear blue, I lose belief in my ability to maintain my composure. Like today, I am in Whole Foods. Totally normal. It is my neighborhood store and I am easily there once a day. What’s the problem, right? I’ve got this one. No. Because today, for absolutely no […]

off-ramp, five

On my way back from the carnival lot on its last night, I stop by the baseball diamond to say goodbye to Billy. He’s up to bat and I watch him strike out. He ignores me when I stand behind him, the metal fence between us. I see his good Christian parents up in the […]

the young and the restless

For reasons that were never made entirely clear to me, at age seven I was kept home for an entire school year. My mother later referred to this period as the time during which I was “pretending to be retarded.” I have nothing to say in my own defense, aside from that it must have been […]