don’t touch me

There are, I believe, two diametrically opposed elements that narrate our desire to keep coming back to each other. One is our not even remotely knowing each other. And the other is knowing each other so completely. He’s allowed one overnight visit every four to six weeks. Today he showed up after an absence of […]


“I’ll never spend the night,” she told you from the beginning. “I’d avoid making commitments to never, if I were you.” That was two or three months ago. Now she sits on the edge of your bed, putting on her stockings, talking nonstop about matters of zero consequence. An attempt to smooth over the fact that […]

holy shit balls

Something that you might not know about me is that I am a very spiritual being. Whoops. That’s completely untrue. What I meant was, I am very sought-after, spiritually. I think I must have a certain FUCKING SAVE ME! air about me. Many religions seem to consider my soul an object of intense desire, and I […]

the seducer (venus in furs)

A memory. Six years old. Bare belly flat on the bathtub’s floor, small hands miraged beneath the two-foot depth of water. Dizzyingly hot. I slide my naked body across the slippery porcelain bottom and  clamber up into the cool night air of the open window. Knees to chest, I fit perfectly in the small sill. […]

the seducer (an introduction)

For the past several nights, I have been lying in wait, dreaming of a visit from The Seducer. I like giving this title to a man, heralding him as my own personal antihero. The Seducer. It’s provocative; it’s mysterious; it’s slightly dark and sinister; and it’s sexy as hell. At the same time, it also […]