hyde and seek

So I am poolside with my best ex, laughing about that time he blackened my eye. Reflected in his sunglasses, my son floats casually by on an inner tube. I turn to appreciate it just in time to see a beautiful dive bomb executed by my ex’s son, which attempts to sink my son completely. […]

when jesus walks through

We might say that I’m about to make some of the same mistakes. But only if we’re into beating me over the head with a runner from Rosebud’s sled. Which we’re not. We’re not into that. Instead, we’re into supporting my whims, my desires and my peculiarities as the secret treasure map through an exalted […]

in loco parentis

She doesn’t even make it down the first step before he stops her. “Wait!” he says. “You’re going to answer the door like that?” She stops and lowers her eyes — from the white straps tied off loosely on her shoulders to her bare, polished toes. “Because I have no shoes?” she asks, confused. He […]

who we became on the way down

Half of my family was staying on the east coast the summer it all went down. The other half was supposed to meet us there. Not all of them made it. I was eleven. “Stop faking,” Mum demanded, when I came to her about the staggering pain. By that time, I was well aware that […]