You know, sometimes happiness is just so damn elusive.

Sometimes life is just hard and the people you want to believe in betray you.

Sometimes they go crazy, disown you, fucking die.

Sometimes your heart breaks. (A lot of the time your heart breaks.)

Sometimes you go on medication. Numb that shit out.

Sometimes, days or weeks or even years pass like that.

Then sometimes, new people show up.

And convince you that you’re strong enough to drop the meds.

So sometimes you do that, too.

And sometimes you actually are.

Sometimes, you meet a man with a gorgeous lower lip,

all scrumptious and puffy. And you like him so much that

Sometimes, you invite him inside of you.

And pretty much always, he accepts.

Sometimes, happiness isn’t all that elusive after all.

Sometimes, you realize with surprise, it’s actually pretty fucking direct.


4 thoughts on “sometimes

  1. Just makes me wonder what happiness actually is. Does it depend upon each of us to come to our own definition and therefore create our own happiness?

    1. surely you know by now, sweetness, that i don’t have any of the answers. but that doesn’t seem to stop you from asking all of the right questions.

  2. a long, long time ago you asked me to what i was referring when i used the word “episode” and i was too embarrassed to respond but then much later you wrote a post that made me realize you intimately know episodes the likes of mine, anyway. so yes, hopefully we won’t be boarding again for a while, but if we should, i’ll happily take the window seat to your aisle (or vice versa, but i actually prefer the window and you’ve got those long running legs so i kinda figured…)

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