why are you already a home to me


and why was walking in on you, asleep on the couch to the left

like walking through a dream i’d had as a child

of the woman I would one day become


the taste and smell of your breath

deja vu recognizable


after all these weeks spent sleepless, strike-ready

in a state of sustained exhaustion

so confoundedly alert


why do i now find myself so free and at ease

in your own damaged presence


and why was listening to your brutal stories

a strange source of comfort


a final point of surrender


“better letting go than holding back”

you tell me, but anyone

could say that


anyone at all


2 thoughts on “anyone

  1. “better letting go than holding back”

    He’s right, you know.
    I’ve seen what each can do, and letting go can set both of you free, even when it’s just one of you who chooses to do so.
    If one of you holds back, it constricts the other.

    Strange how it works.

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