the third installment

Steve owns a couple of other houses in addition to the chalet where he and I work together. (That’s right. I just used the word chalet. Leave me alone. I know what I’m doing.) One of the properties is a recent purchase of which Steve’s very proud. A modest yet stately dwelling in the historic district, […]

the client, revisited

Things aren’t precisely okay with Steve anymore. I’m not sure how to explain it. Somehow, behind my back, my relationship with Steve has gone from being a super cute my-boss-is-my-surrogate-father sketch to a slippery conflagration of our combined manias. Upon reflection, Steve was smart. He took things very slowly. He romanced me for weeks with […]

the client

I have a new client. I am not going to reveal his name, which is Steve. Steve’s a Clooney. He lives in a gorgeous custom-built house way up in the mountains that I can only reach because last year I bought a kick-ass Jeep. I think the Jeep is part of the reason Steve hired […]