movement and sound

By the time I really quit the DJ I’d lost respect for him, and that was probably the hardest part. I don’t blame myself for that; respect is relatively difficult thing to maintain in the face of someone who says, “I’d do anything to be with you,” and then tries to off himself when you don’t return […]

the red cloak in the closet

So the big bad wolf rings me up early yesterday morning and wants to know if I’m seeing anyone. “Just like that?” I ask, because it’s been nine or ten months at least since he shut me out of his life completely and I fell on my face in tears and crawled home all dirty […]

the other glass slipper

Once upon a time, Prince Charming, the smooth young DJ with the all-time best style, sent Cinderella a text asking her not to contact him anymore. Cinderella was at home, hanging her crotchless stockings up to dry. But the text sent her to the side table with the cigarette case, and a little lie-die on […]

fukking boy

and he reclines on the couch and, while not technically interrupting my story, totally interrupts my story by pulling down his pants to show me that he’s ready to go. to my memory, i’ve never been so in love with a man’s cock, and it’s just getting fucking ridiculous. i stumble over a few more […]

the photographer’s proverb

“Are you going to be writing about this?” he asks. “Do you want a notepad?” He’s teasing, of course, but no, I  don’t need a notepad. “That’s not how it works,” I tell him. He raises an eyebrow, mock arrogant. This one loves to challenge me. At times, his behavior even borders on being rude, but […]


Because he dances around the room like he fucking owns the world, that cigarette hanging from the corner of his lip. Because he’s not intimidated by me, wondering at him, on the couch. Because he eases alongside me, looks me up and down. Because he pulls my shirt out in front like what’s underneath is […]

maybe if we were older

I really wish I could do this. In the first month we shared a dream, even. But I’m fucking up already, and I can tell the road we’re on by the bumps. I’ve been over these bumps before. And I don’t like this road. I know where it goes and it’s not a good place […]

the two of us

Twenty-one days ago we’d never met. “Wanna get married?” he asks today. “What?” I ask. I heard him, but you know. “Huh?” he mimics back. I smile. A lot can happen in three weeks. In four dates. “It’s an eventuality,” he says now. I don’t respond. “Inevitable.” I like this one, how confident he is […]

house on fire

~ It’s true that I feel a fervor for him right now. But despite the urgent acceleration of desire, I plan to just linger here. Stretch out in my burning house and appreciate the flames. ~ (his fingers trace slowly down the long side of my torso, raising chills & his midsection bears down when I squirm […]

at least for a while

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, there is a knowing in the not knowing. Because I don’t know him, not by a long shot. But the overlap of sentiment is one that’s been beautifully woven. As if for years. Without my knowing. The familiar bodies of two strangers meeting. “Do I know you?” he asks, pulling away. […]