just not by me

and she fell 43 stories only to land safe and alone in the familiar sub-basement of her life . . . Today is Christmas Eve. My son, Django, is in the next room and for some reason I’m compelled to write about things that are older than he is. Sharp objects that carved the path […]


I met Sebastian in a summer writing program to which I’d applied as a result of feeling lost again (my standing motivation, it seems, for anything). I hadn’t really expected to get in. “Why do we write?” we were asked, the first day. I found the question generic, and I leaned forward at the table […]

dead bird

“I just need to be doing my own thing. I’m claustrophobic here,” is what he said, before he left. And I stood there with a beautiful baby on my hip and nodded and when he came back for his last bag he held my face between his hands and kissed me full on the mouth, […]

the seducer (venus in furs)

A memory. Six years old. Bare belly flat on the bathtub’s floor, small hands miraged beneath the two-foot depth of water. Dizzyingly hot. I slide my naked body across the slippery porcelain bottom and ¬†clamber up into the cool night air of the open window. Knees to chest, I fit perfectly in the small sill. […]

the seducer (an introduction)

For the past several nights, I have been lying in wait, dreaming of a visit from The Seducer. I like giving this title to a man, heralding him as my own personal antihero. The Seducer. It’s provocative; it’s mysterious; it’s slightly dark and sinister; and it’s sexy as hell. At the same time, it also […]