The dark days of winter come and go and she finds, miraculously, that she’s unbroken. Fragmented perhaps. Splintered definitely. But still so relatively intact that it makes her happy. Like waking from a bad dream and realizing her real life is still there, waiting to be led zigzag ¬†on a leash, like a suckling, milky-eyed […]

the glass box

I’ve made a mistake with the photojournalist that I can’t begin to understand. And after I leave his house this morning I call my brother, who doesn’t answer, then my ex, and almost start to cry. In calling, I think I just want to hear the voice of someone who knows me, who will help […]

the seducer (an introduction)

For the past several nights, I have been lying in wait, dreaming of a visit from The Seducer. I like giving this title to a man, heralding him as my own personal antihero. The Seducer. It’s provocative; it’s mysterious; it’s slightly dark and sinister; and it’s sexy as hell. At the same time, it also […]