beach glass

Behind my eyes, a pure story is like a gazillion grains of untouched sand. Its telling a graceful sifting through open fingers. But when I open my eyes and look down life’s supposedly pristine coastline, I often find it jarring. “Hey, what’s that syringe doing there?” I have to ask. Or, “What’s with the broken […]


I was in Montana the night we lost my sister. But I was on my way home, too. What? I was. Montana was a bust. Like Brazil before it. But different, I suppose. Montana was a bust in an I-accidentally-moved-in-with-a-male-stripper-who-gets-into-knife-fights kind of way. Whereas with Brazil I had simply underestimated the impact of the third […]

electric blue running shoes

Seemingly out of nowhere, Electric Blue Running Shoes texts me, Hey do you remember kissing me what it was like?    It is tempting to text back, How about you refresh  my memory? But that would be a bad idea. Also a cliché. So instead I ignore him. For about two hours. (Electric Blue is not […]

don’t touch me

There are, I believe, two diametrically opposed elements that narrate our desire to keep coming back to each other. One is our not even remotely knowing each other. And the other is knowing each other so completely. He’s allowed one overnight visit every four to six weeks. Today he showed up after an absence of […]


“I’ll never spend the night,” she told you from the beginning. “I’d avoid making commitments to never, if I were you.” That was two or three months ago. Now she sits on the edge of your bed, putting on her stockings, talking nonstop about matters of zero consequence. An attempt to smooth over the fact that […]

holy shit balls

Something that you might not know about me is that I am a very spiritual being. Whoops. That’s completely untrue. What I meant was, I am very sought-after, spiritually. I think I must have a certain FUCKING SAVE ME! air about me. Many religions seem to consider my soul an object of intense desire, and I […]


When your father is a professional gambler, you learn from a young age to disassociate from people and regard them as nothing more than the sum of their tells. This can be a very lonely world for you, especially as a child. But it’s no harder than you allow it to be. As far as […]