house on fire

~ It’s true that I feel a fervor for him right now. But despite the urgent acceleration of desire, I plan to just linger here. Stretch out in my burning house and appreciate the flames. ~ (his fingers trace slowly down the long side of my torso, raising chills & his midsection bears down when I squirm […]

at least for a while

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, there is a knowing in the not knowing. Because I don’t know him, not by a long shot. But the overlap of sentiment is one that’s been beautifully woven. As if for years. Without my knowing. The familiar bodies of two strangers meeting. “Do I know you?” he asks, pulling away. […]

a season to break me

You still don’t know me. Next time, I’m going to say, “How hard can it be?” over my shoulder, as I’m walking away. But in the meantime, let me give you this. (It’s a magic decoder ring.) Scenario One: You stop by my house. The lawn has not been tended, but there are stripped crayons […]

the turn-around

On Thursday, one in a long string of my exes rang me up. He was in a bit of a state, wretchedly hung-over and piecing together some uncomfortable flashbacks of a failed threesome the night prior. Whoops. Did I just say that? “You won’t say anything to anyone?” he asked. “Who would I tell? Your […]

electric blue running shoes

Seemingly out of nowhere, Electric Blue Running Shoes texts me, Hey do you remember kissing me what it was like?    It is tempting to text back, How about you refresh  my memory? But that would be a bad idea. Also a cliché. So instead I ignore him. For about two hours. (Electric Blue is not […]

don’t touch me

There are, I believe, two diametrically opposed elements that narrate our desire to keep coming back to each other. One is our not even remotely knowing each other. And the other is knowing each other so completely. He’s allowed one overnight visit every four to six weeks. Today he showed up after an absence of […]

page 54

The first time you put her in the shower is the first time you make a mistake. Are you crying?” you ask her, afterwards. She sits opposite you on the wide shower floor, head draped between open knees, and doesn’t answer. The ends of her long hair sway in the rising swell formed by her blocking […]

the client

I have a new client. I am not going to reveal his name, which is Steve. Steve’s a Clooney. He lives in a gorgeous custom-built house way up in the mountains that I can only reach because last year I bought a kick-ass Jeep. I think the Jeep is part of the reason Steve hired […]