the two of us

Twenty-one days ago we’d never met. “Wanna get married?” he asks today. “What?” I ask. I heard him, but you know. “Huh?” he mimics back. I smile. A lot can happen in three weeks. In four dates. “It’s an eventuality,” he says now. I don’t respond. “Inevitable.” I like this one, how confident he is […]

house on fire

~ It’s true that I feel a fervor for him right now. But┬ádespite the urgent acceleration of desire, I plan to just linger here. Stretch out in my burning house and appreciate the flames. ~ (his fingers trace slowly down the long side of my torso,┬áraising chills & his midsection bears down when I squirm […]

at least for a while

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, there is a knowing in the not knowing. Because I don’t know him, not by a long shot. But the overlap of sentiment is one that’s been beautifully woven. As if for years. Without my knowing. The familiar bodies of two strangers meeting. “Do I know you?” he asks, pulling away. […]